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May 22, 2013 Conference Executive Committee Minutes
Abbreviated Version of the
Conference Executive Committee (CEC) Minutes
For May 22, 2013
In Attendance – Members of the Conference Executive Committee, Pacific Union Conference representative, the Conference administrators, and departmental invitees.
Devotional Message
Dr. Del Dunavant Evangelism/Church Growth Director spoke on a quote of Ellen White, “When the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in His people, then He will come to claim them as His own.” (EGW COL:69) We who are desirous of His return, should ask, “What is Christ’s character?” We should ask Him to reproduce the same within us.
The committee members formed in groups of two to pray and Del Dunavant closed the time of prayer.
Focus on Conference Mission
Bridges Evangelism Initiative
  • Central California Conference and Northern California Conference presidents plus Marc Woodson participated in a video conference with the NAD leaders about possibilities of working together.
  • Pacific Union ASI is planning their 2013 convention in the Bay Area with medical outreach to be done in several locations.
  • Pacific Union Conference is making this their primary evangelism focus through 2016.
  • Pacific Union College wants to partner with outreach and service projects by their students.
  • June 22 is Rally Day—morning at San Francisco Central church, afternoon
(4:00 p.m. prayer, 5:00 p.m. rally) at Grand Advent church.
President’s Report
  • Jim Pedersen’s service as interim pastor at the Pacific Union College church is ending May 31, 2013.
  • Mark Witas, from Washington, will be the new lead pastor at PUC beginning June 1, 2013.
  • The 2014 NCC Constituency Session (election) – to be held May 18, at Pacific Union College church.
Executive Secretary’s Report
2013 First Quarter’s Membership Ending Report     
Prior Quarter Membership 39,411
Baptized 111
Profession of Faith 27
Letter 402
Prior Baptisms & POF’s 37
Total 577
Letter 366
Death 99
Removed 35
Missing 49
Duplicate Members Dropped 23
Total 572
Current Members 9,416
Education Ministry Report
Bill Keresoma, NCC Superintendent of Education spoke about:
Report Highlights
  • Bill currently pending in the California Legislature that, if passed, would pose a grave threat to your school, and every private school in the state.
  • SB131 would retroactively remove the statute of limitations on claims brought against private schools—but not public schools—relative to acts of childhood sexual abuse. It places private schools and other private employers in a position where it will be virtually impossible to reasonably defend themselves. The proposed legislation is unfair because it exposes only private employers to its retroactivity provisions.
  • Your immediate action in the form of a letter or telephone call to the office of the State Senator is needed as the bill is expected to be set for a floor vote prior to the conclusion of the current week.
  • TEAM meetings with pastors/educators happening the next two weeks convening at the school.
  • TEAM meeting with Children’s Ministries (children, youth, education) met with some of the non-constituent church pastors.
Departmental Reports
Communication—Stephanie Leal, Director
The following was reported:
The Communication Department works in four main areas:
  1. Graphic Design includes:
  • Redwood Camp Meeting Materials
  • NCC Directory
  • Constituency Materials
  • Bridges: Bay Area for Jesus Initiative, June 22
  • Strategic Plan Banners, Brochures, Bookmarks, Posters, iPad presentation
  • Graphic Design for churches and schools.
  1. Online Presence is the NCC website
  1. Crisis PR
  • National news stories that affect the SDA Church
  • Statements if Conference is involved in a lawsuit
  • Anytime the media is involved
  • Obituaries for conference employees and students
  • Communicating any news to external or internal publics within the Adventist network.
  1. Writing and Editing
  • Pacific Union Recorder articles circulation of about 80,000 homes
  • 4-6 articles per month from NCC churches and schools, highlighting different ministries
  • Word on the Street
  • E-mail jalorenz@nccsda.com to submit a story

Office of Education Early Childhood Education & Care
Voted, to approve the opening of two preschools: Orangevale and Humboldt Bay Christian School. The requests of Orangevale and Humboldt Bay to continue in the process to open two preschools.
Master Of Divinity Candidates
Voted, to approve two candidates for enrollment in the Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University for the Fall Quarter of 2013.
Ordination Review Committee Report
Voted, to approve the ordination of three individuals
Loan Requests
Voted, to approve loans for three churches according to policy.
Operating Committee Minutes
Voted, to receive and accept the minutes for the following Conference committees:
  • Board of Education
  • Investment
  • Pastoral Placement
Other Regular Items Addressed at This Meeting
  • Consideration of minutes
  • Review of financial statement
  • Conference Church transfers of membership
  • Pastoral Placement Committee report

Benediction: Steve Allred
Next Meeting:  August 21, 2013
James E. Pedersen, Chair
Marc K. Woodson, Vice-Chair
Suzan Williams, Recording Secretary
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