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Ministry Mall Booths
Booth Regulations, Cost & Application
The policy for the Redwood Camp Meeting is to w elcome a limited number of ministry organizations to be represented on our campground and permit them to have a display booth space (10'X10') at a location assigned to them. 

The following conditions will apply: 
  1. Booths for personal business and profit will not be allowed. 
  2. Booth must be made attractive and have general appeal to our people. 
  3. The ministry organization must supply all the materials to assemble their booth. 
  4. The ministry requesting the booth must be in harmony with our Adventist beliefs and mission, as well as have the approval of: the church, conference, and union in their headquarters area. 
  5. There will be no booths in front of or around the ABC building, and no sales will be permitted that are in direct conflict with the ABC. 
  6. Due to increased operational expenses for the camp, there is a fee for booth spaces: $100 for the entire 10 days, or $150, if electricity is supplied. The fee will be prorated for those not staying for the full encampment. A check for the fee should accompany this application. 
To apply for a booth, download the Redwood Display Booth Application and mail to:

Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventist
ATTN: Ministerial Department
P.O. Box 23165
Pleasant Hill, California 94523-0165
Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists | 401 Taylor Blvd. | P.O. Box 23165 | Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 | (925) 685-4300 | info@nccsda.com