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Health Care Assistance Plan (HCAP)

Why the change you may ask? Because this is a self-funded plan, and each employer pays the actual cost of healthcare for their employees, employers wanted to achieve two primary objectives: Invest in employees’ health and well-being and to respond to the rising cost of healthcare in a way that will preserve this valuable benefit for employees in the future.
The following healthcare plan options offer preventive care, a robust wellness program and one-on-one coaching to reduce the risk of serious illness. As a healthier team, we all benefit from overall lower health costs and increased energy at work and at home.

The ACCELERATE PLAN offers the best benefits at the best value in exchange for your engagement and accountability for your health and wellness. The plan encourages active participation in health coaching and care coordination.  For the 2018 plan year, there are no activity points required for the Accelerate Plan. In the future though, you and your covered spouse must earn enough points during the current year to qualify the following year for the Accelerate Plan. You must earn 200 points every plan year to qualify your Accelerate Plan enrollment.

Please see 2018 Plan Guide for further details.
The ACCESS PLAN provides quality benefits. It does not require your participation in the activity-based lifestyle and wellness program and has a higher out-of-pocket maximum limit.

Please see Plan Comparison for more details. 

For both Accelerate and Access Plans:

Aetna Signature Administrators Preferred Provider Organization network for both medical and dental care.                                     
Find in-network providers at AscendToWholeness.org/providers

Please note: All non-emergency, out-of-network care will require pre-certification.                                                         

HealthSCOPE provides claims processing for all member health services including medical, dental, and vision.
For Member Login, go to: AscendToWholeness.org/member-login
Express Scripts is the prescription benefit plan provider.
To find a local pharmacy, see the status of your order, to search for medication information and more, go to: AscendToWholeness.org/prescriptions
Vision care does not require PPO access.  
All services are consolidated to a single benefit member ID card.                           
Adventist Health is a new partner for health plan members. Adventist Health provides personalized health coaching and care coordination to help you navigate the complexity of getting healthy and staying healthy. Adventist Health member services will help you with prior certifications and out-of-network requests.
Member services: 888-276-4732
PO Box 92010
Portland, OR 97292
For dependent additions or changes, please review the Health Care Dependent(s) Rates and Eligibility 


North American Division Health Care Assistance Plan (NAD HCAP)

With your North American Division Health Care Plan benefit ID card, you have access to two Preferred Provider Organizations for your health care needs. They are the Aetna Signature Administrators Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) for both medical and dental care; and Express Scripts for prescription benefits. In addition, you have access to vision care services with no PPO requirement. The deductible and out-of-pocket maximums for HCAP are on a calendar year basis.

HCAP Summary Plan Information, Legacy Plan Benefits
HCAP Enrollment Application
HCAP Change Request Form
HCAP Termination Request Form

HCAP HealthScope Claims Reimbursement Form

Submit ALL Claims to Healthscope: Member Services

Claims Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 16203
Lubbock, TX 79490-6203

Fax: 915-581-7537

Click here to search the Participating Provider Directory

Authorization for Release and Use of Protected Heath Information - Consent for Release HIPPA Form




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