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Adventist Risk Management has provided a website with extensive resources for your church, school, or other entity for many prevention topics such as disaster planning, people and asset protection, travel and mission trips, cybersecurity, safety officer information, risk control plans, and more through a host of media such as webinars, videos, articles, and other publications.

Visit the ADVENTIST RISK MANAGEMENT WEBSITE today to see what is available. Below you will find some highlights of those resources along with other pertinent information.

2018 North American Division Risk Management Initiatives - Our insurance provider is Adventist Risk Managment. They have resources that will help all managers, and entities.

Active Shooter: With the recent public and church mass shootings, find out what your church can do in the case of an active shooter and how to prepare with emergency drills!

l5-Passenger Van Use Disallowance! Did you know that it is dangerous to utilize 15-passenger vans? If you or your organization are using them, now is the time to stop!

Verified Volunteers is our third party organization, who conducts screening/background checks and provides educational services for Northern America. Verified Volunteers is dedicated to raising the awareness and prevention of the mistreatment of the vulnerable. They work hard to accomplish this goal by training young people and adults about abuse, neglect, predators, bullying, boundaries, respect, and the perils of cyberspace.

Check out the Volunteer Safety Video from the Union Office

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS / PLANNING - Article: Are You Really Prepared? Campus Safety and Emergency Crisis Planning
Emergency Business Continuity Brochure (English and Spanish)
Every year numerous emergencies, disasters and other unfortunate events adversely impact Seventh-day Adventist churches around the world. These occurences often result in personal and financial loss. It is our goal to assist you in caring for your home church, so that nothing can stand in the way of its work and mission.

For information regarding child abuse--its prevention, what to do in case you suspect, and mandated reporting--go here.

Link to Injury and Illness Prevention Program pdf.

Safety Officers: Every entity--churches, schools, and other institutions--should have a safety officer installed to facilitate safety standards, emergency prep and procedures, and more. Check out this new area dedicated to this important function.

Resources for loss prevention during church activities and on location.

Educational Institutions
The education of children is an important undertaking that can be negatively impacted following an accident or other loss. These resources are provided to prevent: injuries, property damage and other losses at educational institutions.

Christian camps can be a fun place for children to participate in new and exciting activities and learn more about Jesus in the beauty of nature. Enter here for resources intended to help keep the camp experience a happy and safe one for campers, workers, and volunteers alike.
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