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Life, Disability and Other Insurances
Basic Group Life Insurance (ING) 

We are pleased that the Northern California Conference is able to provide a Group Life Insurance policy, (survivor benefit), to eligible employees. Each active full time regular (38 hours per week) employee, their spouse, and dependent children is eligible. Coverage under the Basic Life policy is as follows: Employee, $100,000; Spouse, $50,000; Dependent Children, $10,000; Stillborn, $750. Only dependent unmarried children under age 26 are eligible. Because this is an employer-provided benefit, there is no cost to you.

Life and Disability Income Insurance Enrollment Form (Submit to Human Resources)

Supplemental Life Insurance (ING)

Supplemental Life is a voluntary insurance program that allows eligible employees to add to the Basic Life protection provided by the Northern California Conference. Active part-time or more, regular employees (working a minimum of 19 hours per week) may elect to provide coverage for themselves, their spouse, and dependent children.  Only dependent unmarried children under age 26 are eligible. New enrollees may elect up to $250,000 without medical evidence. Coverage for spouses is available for new enrollees up to $30,000 without medical evidence. Child coverage may be elected up to $25,000 in $1,000 increments. The premium cost will be deducted from your payroll.  

Life and Disability Income Insurance Enrollment Form (Submit to Human Resources)

If you would like to request employee or spousal coverage amounts greater than the limits stated above, please call the Human Resources Department to request a personal health statement form.

For employees who change employers or retire, their Supplemental Life Benefits may be transferred to their new employer or converted to a personal insurance policy. For more information, download and read the Term Life Coverage Continuation Request Form (Submit to Human Resources)

Personal Accident Insurance (ING)
Accidents are bound to happen, so we need to be prepared. Personal Accident Insurance (AD&D) can offer the extra coverage you and your family may need to meet and overcome sudden unexpected problems. By participating in the voluntary AD&D plan with ING, a monetary bridge is available to assist employees and their families get through troubled times when income is lost due to covered accidental injury or death.

You are eligible to purchase this coverage if you are an active part-time or more, regularly employed Northern California Conference employee working a minimum of 19 hours per week. If eligible, you can purchase coverage from $10,000 up to $500,000 for yourself; you may also cover your spouse at up to 100% of the covered employee's amount; dependent children are eligible for the lesser of 100% of the covered employee amount up to $25,000.  Only dependent, unmarried children under age 26 are eligible. Coverage may be elected at any time during eligibility. The premium cost will be deducted from your payroll. 

Personal Accident Enrollment Form (Submit to Human Resources)

Conversion is not available for employees who change employers, terminate employment or retire.

Long Term Disability

Disability insurance is an extremely important coverage that will replace your income if you become disabled due to sickness or injury and cannot work. Through the Long-term Disability policy with ReliaStar Life Insurance Company (through VOYA), your NCC has made provision for your income replacement should the need arise. Most importantly, because it is an employer-provided benefit, it costs you nothing.

All regular full time employees of the North American Division as defined by individual employers, are covered under the LTD plan. In the event you become disabled and remain so throughout the 90-day elimination period, LTD will replace your lost income at 66.67% to a maximum of $6,000 per month.

Long Term Disability Plan Document (PDF Attachment)

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