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April 15, 2018, Lodi Fairmont Church, 10:30 am, Featuring Rich Aguilera (The Mud Guy)
Fun Day is held annually on the third Sunday in April unless that falls on Easter and then it is the fourth Sunday. It is intended to incorporate fun as well as learning, such as going to a zoo or children's museum. Specifics such as cost and time vary from year to year but the goal is to make it affordable and accessible to every Adventurer Club. Adventurers and staff get a patch for the day and may, depending on what the activity is, earn an award as well. The annual NCC Adventurer Pin is handed out this day.

October 21, 2018
The Bike Derby is held at Sacramento Adventist Academy each year the third week in October. Adventurers have a chance to earn Awards in Road Safety and Cyclist. Eager Beavers earn Beginning Biking, and Little Lambs earn Trikes and Bikes. Riding the track with friends and family, good food, and prizes for the most laps ridden are just some of the fun.

Adventurer/pathfinder leadership convention
September 7-9, 2018
This event is held each year in association with NCC Pathfinders at Leoni Meadows the weekend after Labor Day. It is a training event for Adventurer Club Leaders as well as inspirational and an excellent opportunity for networking with other Adventurer Club Leaders. Churches may pay for their leaders to attend this event. Cost varies depending on lodging choices. Click here for more information.

family fun weekends
October 26-28, 2018
Del 9 al 11 de noviembre 2018
One of the beliefs of the Adventurer Ministry is that families are important, and spending time together is important to families. This annual event, held in the fall at Leoni Meadows, provides families who are part of an NCC Adventurer Ministry with an entire weekend of activities to build family relationships. All of the activities are designed to get families working and learning together about their God, their world, and themselves. The theme this year is the forest and Christian service. Costs vary depending on the lodging and meal choices each family makes. The first FFW is the last weekend in October, the primary language is English, the second FFW is the second weekend in November, and the primary language is Spanish. Registration will be available online at the Leoni Meadows website starting October 10 for the first weekend and October 24 for the second weekend. Check back here at that time for the link to that site.

Yearly in January
Click here to download a 8.5 x 11 pdf (2 pages) of the 2018 rules & official drawing form.

The annual Adventurer Pin is created from a drawing done by a child who is a member of a registered NCC Adventurer Club. The winner has their beautiful design made into a pin that will be given to all the Adventurers on Fun Day, and wins $25 besides. Each Club submits their drawings to the NCC Adventurer Team. A winner is chosen, production begins, and the pins are ready to share on Fun Day. This year's theme is Brave. Being Brave is a good quality for and Adventurer to have.
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