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Our Focus
  1. Provide spiritual—as well as emotional and social—nurture to every woman in NCC to encourage them to experience a vibrant relationship with Jesus.
  2. Determine to invite women from the community and non-attending members to all Women’s Ministries activities.
  3. Become involved in nurturing new member ministries.
  1. A Ministry for Every Woman is the foundation of Women’s Ministries. Seek to ensure that every woman in the Church is involved in at least one area of ministry or service.
  2. Provide leadership training to women as a framework for developing leadership skills.
  3. Mentor and involve young women, girls, and teens in Women’s Ministries activities.
  4. Enditnow: Break the Silence About Abuse. Educate about and prevent abuse in every form, and help bring healing to abuse victims.
  1. Tell your world.
  • Evangelism in North America by women
  • Involvement in your community
  • God in Shoes mission projects in your community, conference, or union
    2.  Reconnect with women (and by extension their families) who have
         stopped attending church.

  • An active Women’s Ministries program in at least 85% of churches in NCC by 2015.
  • To assist the widows of the Congo become self-supporting by buying goats for $50. Contributing to the building of churches, schools and a clinic in Goma and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
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