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Our conference has eight primary goals. Our conference’s third goal is “Church Growth.”  The Church Growth Department and the Evangelism Department is responsible for achieving this goal. Under this goal, we have four areas of focus. First, we will provide a variety of tools to help a church assess their health. (You can’t know which way to go, if you don’t know from where you are starting). We will provide a peer coach (an experienced NCC pastor) to assist you to develop church health goals and to implement them. 

Our second focus is to create a culture of discipleship within all of our conference churches. A church is no stronger than its members. Therefore, we will provide a variety of tools to help each member become a disciple of Jesus Christ. For example, we can help each member to be more intimate with God. We can help members discover their calling and giftedness for lay ministry. We can help the pastor, or leadership team, to coach each member into their ministry. Also, we can help your church develop healthy small groups or ministry teams.

Our third focus in to discover effective methods to reach the large cities for Christ. We are working with the Central California Conference to better reach the San Francisco bay area of Christ.  We call this combined effort the “Bridges Initiative.” Phase one of the Bridges Initiative is helping our Oakland churches to better meet the needs of the citizens of Oakland and to earn the right to speak to them about Jesus. From this phase we hope to use these new methods in other highly populated areas of our conference.

Our fourth focus is to discover current effective methods of evangelism. Annually we solicit effective evangelism methods from of pastors and disseminate those methods to others. 
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