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Northern California Conference Adventurer Awards
Advanced Astronomer : Astronomy just a step more advanced than the NAD award. Wonderful for your older Adventurers.

Adventurer for Christ: An award to recognize good attendance and citizenship in Adventurers. This award can be used each year by adding a different colored star to the patch.

Bats-Creatures of the Night: Fun activities to study and learn to appreciate those often maligned creatures!

Being a Family in Bible Times: An award that allows Adventurer families to discover what life was like in Jesus’ day. This award works great for a camp-in weekend.

Bottle Rockets: Learn about rockets and how to make your own out of a soda bottle!

Bubble Fun 1 & 2:  This award combines a whole lot of fun with learning about shapes and how many ways you can make bubbles.

Caroling Award-Multilevel

Chemistry: Little experiments, and lots of fun discovering what happens when you mix things up.

Chess: Learn the basics of how to play Chess.

Cupcakes and More: An award to be creative decorating and to learn to share.

Do Unto Others: An Award to help you have empathy by simulating circumstances of someone with a disability.

Down on the Farm: Where does food come from? Do clothes appear in the store readymade? How does God expect us to care for the earth?

Genealogy: A very basic study of a family history.

He is Risen: The Easter Story in the Bible – Matthew 28:1-10
          Helps:  1a - 1b - 1c  - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

Heaven, The Final Frontier: Our solar system is amazing but it is only a small part of our journey to Heaven.

International Study: A study of countries; traditions, foods, flags, languages and more.

Journey Home: A study about the migration of several species.

Lend a Helping Hand: Treating people with the  respect and kindness

Leoni Meadows Train History: The wonderful train at Leoni is not the first one. This award teaches some basic train history as well as information about the original Leoni Train. A great award for your whole church to work on at a weekend campout at Leoni.

Marine Mammals: A great award to earn at the shore or in a classroom.

Native American: Learning about Native American from four retions of the country.

Nature A to Z: Playing games to learn about nature.

Orienteering: Hey, where am I? Help in finding your way.

Origami Towel Creations: Learn about the art of Towel Origami.

Our Amazing Brain: Our brain is incredible! This award teaches just a few fun facts.

Our Amazing Body: What a wonderful God we have to give us such a wonderful body. A very fun study to find out what we are capable of.

Our Amazing Solar System: A wonderful study of our solar system!

Paper Making: Kind of messy but a load of fun.

Pioneering: Understand and learn what life was like for the pioneers.

Power Down: Turn off the computer, TV, and Game Boy and have some good ‘old fashioned’ fun.

Quilting: A small project to learn the basics of quilting.

Recycling: Adventurers recycle as well as learn about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling.

Redwoods, Ancient Giants: You don’t have to be in a Redwood forest to learn about these wonderful old trees.

Road Safety: Little Lamb level award of basic safety.

Safari Adventure: A basic study of Rain Forests and Grasslands.

Safety Specialist-Earthquake: Basics of understanding earthquakes and learning safety involved.

Salmon, The Journey Home: A great award to learn about Salmon’s incredible journey.

Scrap-Booking: A small project to learn the basics of scrap-booking.

Soap-making: Small projects to learn the basics of soap-making.

Space Travel: An award to learn about space travel here on earth and our travel to Heaven.

Spider: This “creepy” creature is great fun to learn about.

Tide pools: This award can be taught in a classroom as well as at a tide pool.

Under the Sea: Get on your dive suit, there’s a whole new world to explore below the water.

U S Flag: Flag etiquette and lore.

Visiting the Zoo: Learn zoo etiquette before your visit to a zoo.

Weather: An award to help kids learn about the weather.

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