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Delegate Information
Delegate List Due Date
Monday, July 18, 2016
Time and Place
Sunday October 16, 2016; 9:00 a.m.; Lodi Fairmont Church.
Lunch will be provided.
List of Delegates
The enclosed listing indicates the number of delegates each church is entitled to send based upon current membership (as of March 31, 2016). If the conference clerk year-end report puts your church in a category which would increase or decrease your number of delegates, we will inform you in September.  (Companies do not send delegates; the Conference Executive Committee chooses Conference Church delegates.) Pastors, we urge you to encourage your members to name as delegates thought leaders who are representative of your church—i.e., head elders, etc. Please appoint alternate delegates also.
Basis for Delegate Selection
Regular delegates shall be chosen by each church as follows:
  1. One (1) for the organization.
  2. One (1) for each one hundred (100) members or major fraction thereof.
In the selection of delegates, please keep in mind that the following conference employees should not be selected, as they are already ex officio delegates, or delegates at large:
  1. All elected conference personnel (Officers, Executive Committee, Constitution and Bylaws Committee, and Department Directors).
  2. The principal or head teacher of each conference school.
  3. The president or administrator of each SDA denominational hospital and college within the territory of this conference.
  4. The head pastor of each church.
We recommend that church delegates be primarily lay members. Retired workers and denominational employees not occupying positions listed in items 1-4 above, however, are eligible to serve as church delegates.
Notification of Delegates
Please be sure to notify the delegates selected as soon as possible, so they may make early plans to attend.
Office of the Executive Secretary
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