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Following are reports from administration and departments, as well as other data important to the constituency. The item is available when the title becomes a link.

A complete pdf of the book will be available closer to the constituency date.


President’s Report

Delegate Instructions

Session Agenda

Minutes of the Constituency Session of the Northern California Conference held at the Lodi Fairmont Church in Lodi, California, on Sunday, October 16, 2016, at 9:00 a.m. (pdf)

Executive Secretary’s Report

Ten Year Membership of the Churches of the Northern California Conference and Ten Year Conversion Growth in the Churches of the Northern California Conference (pdf)

Treasurer's Report

Audited Unconsolidated Financial Statements - December 31, 2017 and 2016 (pdf)

Bylaws of the Northern California Conference (Summary of Recommended Changes)

Other agenda item submitted by churches

The following reports (in alphabetical order by department) contain updates regarding what has happened in the department since the last constituency.

  • President - James E. Pedersen
  • Executive Secretary - Marc K. Woodson
  • Treasurer - John D. Rasmussen
  • African American/Urban Ministries - Willie Johnson, Jr., Coordinator/Director
  • Asian/Pacific Ministries - James Miho Lim, Coordinator
  • Church Growth and Evangelism - Del Dunavant, Director
  • Communication - Stephanie Leal, Director
  • Family and Children’s Ministries - Alice Merrill, Associate Director
  • Health/Community Services/Stewardship - Gordon Botting, Director
  • Education - Bill Keresoma, Director
  • Hispanic Ministries - Jose Marin, Coordinator
  • Ministerial - Jim Lorenz, Director
  • Planned Giving & Trust Services/Property Management - Richard Magnuson, Director
  • Prayer Ministries - Naomi Parson, Coordinator
  • Risk Management - Jeffrey Maxwell, Director
  • Women’s Ministries - Mary Jo Lauderdale, Coordinator
  • Youth Ministries - Eddie Heinrich, Director 
Other Conference Ministries
  • Leoni Meadows - Craig Heinrich, Executive Director
  • Napa Valley Adventist Retirement Estates - Doug Withrow, Administrator
  • Rio Lindo Adventist Academy - Doug Schmidt, Principal
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