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Steps to Hiring an Employee
1. Assess Your Needs
· Decide what your entity needs (full/part-time, regular/temporary, etc.).
· Job Descriptions – HR will work with you.
· Wage Scale – HR will work with you.
· Budget – As a end result of creating the job description and wage scale, you are now prepared to budget for a new employee.

2. Post Position to Website
· Advertise the position.
· Post either an ending date or “until the position is filled.”
· Direct applicants to download application from NCC Website. Go to www.nccsda.com/jobs.
· Accept applications.

3. Interview Candidates
· Conduct interviews with qualified applicants.
· Select a candidate and offer the position.

4. New Employee Packet
· Download new hire employment paperwork packet at www.nccsda.com/employment.
· Give the employee all necessary employment paperwork to complete.
· Be accessible to see the employee’s original documents provided, and then complete Section 2 of the I-9.
· Follow the checklist before submitting employment paperwork to HR.
· Complete the Personnel Action Request form using the information obtained during Step 1: Assess Your Needs.
· Have the employee sign his/her job description and submit with employee packet to HR.

5. Process
· Human Resources – Employment paperwork is required and processed before being cleared.

6. Clearance to work
· A “Clearance to Work” notification will be sent once HR has determined the employee is cleared to work.
· Please note: The employee is not authorized to work until the “Clearance to Work” has been issued.

7. Accountability 
· Be sure the employee only works the amount of hours that have been authorized by your budget per the Personnel Action     Request form.
· Over-time hours get counted into the yearly Look Back Measurement.
· Total worked hours may place your employee into benefit eligibilities that were not budgeted for.
· Time Sheets – Use only legal name and assigned job title. They must be signed by supervisor.

Hop, Dont Skip, Your Way Through the Employement Process! Steps to Hiring an Employee (PDF)
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