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2015 Winners of the Best Practices for Evangelism Award
First Place: Public High School Campus Evangelism
by Scott Ward
I conducted a Week of Spiritual Emphasis on campus during lunch time that includes a worship band and speaker M-F. This year we met in the Tokay High Band Room. The focus is presenting the gospel to unchurched students coming with churched kids. After the meetings we give out literature as well. We post posters on campus and club members hand out personal invitations.
This year we added after school sidewalk evangelism that involves having students from our club on the sidewalks after school as other students walk home and start conversations that lead to a gospel presentation. 
I am working on developing an "Adventist" gospel presentation to teach all Adventist teens. I have support for this from the GC youth director on down to the local level... 
Amazing progress is being made in spreading the gospel amongst public high school students!
Second Place: The Concord International Adventist Church conducts evangelism through small groups
by Pedro Trinidad
We developed something called “Homes of Hope” for the Spanish members and “Growth Groups” for the English members. We launched “Homes of Hope” first and we are still developing the “Growth Groups”.
Homes of Hope (Hogares de Esperanza) are small groups that meet weekly in different homes of our members. We currently have four Homes of Hope, among them a youth group. The principles behind these groups are 3 tenets: 1) Foster Spiritual Growth of our members; 2) Bring others to the group; 3) Multiply and start other groups. Our plan is to run these groups like our own evangelistic series. We have invitations, we have a Facebook page and a website for people to find the groups (www.hogar-esperanza.org) and get more information from a postcard. We supply the groups with Bibles, Bible Study Material, Giveaway Material, and training for the leaders. In addition to that each group has to plan their own outreach. One of our groups went to Sunvalley Mall and set up a table giving away reading material and Bibles. Another group went to the Concord Flea Market to something similar and other groups have gone out to feed the day workers while they wait for work and offer them magazines, books, etc. while they eat and wait.
As we invite new people into the groups, they are then invited to have doctrinal Bible studies because the studies during group time are more on the relational side. For reaping and planting “new seed” event, we invite an evangelist whose purpose is to preach the gospel in such a way that people are reassured of what they have been studying and learning and encourage them to be baptized.
This event has a two-fold purpose, 1) helping people make a decision for baptism and 2) planting the gospel for those who were invited but haven’t yet received Bible Studies or been part of a group.
In addition we may bring in someone to do a series on marriage, finances, family life or other felt needs (bridge events) to have group members come to church and become familiar with the church.  Once again, these events help in solidifying existing group members and/or bringing new people into the groups.
Once these new people come in they are incorporated into an “Hogares de Esperanza” group and the cycle then continues.
We meet monthly with the group leaders for training, support and planning.
We also started the year with the 10 Days of Prayer where each group was in charge of leading each day of the 10. These ten days served to draw us closer to God, to each other and to set the tone for the rest of the year which gave us a successful evangelistic series in August.
Third place: Training members and Using video evangelism tools to do evangelism 
by Willie Johnson, Jr.

It’s not often that I write, or share concerning the success of any of my evangelistic meetings, because I’m never satisfied.  I realize that God did not call me to necessarily be successful, but to be faithful and success will follow.  However, having said that, I’ve learned over the last five years, or more, that I can’t improve on Christ method of soul winning, which is to make disciples of others and they in turn will not only follow Jesus, but in turn will make disciples of others.
I’m convinced because I’ve tried and proved this method, that you grow your church from the inside out, not the outside in, meaning I don’t rely on people from the outside to do the work that needs to be done by my members and those who attend, who aren’t baptized as of yet.  I was influence when I was at Elmhurst in Oakland, by the Church Works training that, my team and I attended, that I could trust trained members to do what they were trained to do.  We do evangelism every year in my churches, but when we focused on the empowerment of the laity, my members, with a focus on discipleship, our baptisms went up. 
In 2012, I was reassigned to the Fairfield Community church and immediately discovered that, evangelism was not a priority and the church needed to be empowered to trust their calling and their gifts.   I began to talk to my elders about what it meant to be a disciple, and encouraging them in their love for Jesus, that he was extending to them the privilege of making disciples of others.  By the close of 2012, six months after I had arrived at Fairfield, we were planning evangelism for 2013.  Please understand, Elder that this is still a work in progress, but I wanted to share a recent method of success with you and so here it is.
We began the year, as we do every year in my churches with a 12 hour day of fasting and prayer focusing on “The Love of Jesus” as our theme.  This would be our focus in all that we would do for the year.  Next we placed a special emphasis on prayer, as we still do, for the out pouring of the Holy Spirit, which hopefully would lead us to a true conversion experience with Jesus.  While still in the month of January, I had my lead Bible Worker conduct a workshop on two things:  First, “How to Give a Bible Study,” and second, “How to lead someone to Christ.”  I could have done this, but Brother Mario Navarro went to the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism, which my church in Oakland helped him financially to attend and he did an excellent job.  In February of 2013 we began to put into action what we had been training them to do and the ground work began.  We went out into the community surrounding the church in Fairfield and did surveys, seeking to find those who wanted to know Jesus and let them know Jesus loved them enough to die for them, if they didn’t.  The survey offered them Bible Studies, prayer and the space to share prayer request, as well as how we could help them in their lives.
Next, we prayed over the surveys and followed up with what was requested.  There were a number of Bible studies and those who felt comfortable with giving studies were assigned by two’s these interest.  Each Wednesday night and Sabbath service, we kept the focus of our church on evangelism and becoming disciples, and we still do.  I believe strongly in what I was taught years ago by Elder Calvin Watkins of the South Central Conference that once our members experience winning souls for Jesus, their lives spiritually will never be the same.
We had decided in December that we would conduct the Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus Seminar, by Tony Moore with the elders participating in the nightly presentations.  So on March 15th we began and the outcome was amazing.  From that meeting and follow up studies by the workers, in the church, we baptized 19 precious souls for the Kingdom of God, with 4 transfers who were looking for a home church, as well as two profession of faith.  All of this took a lot of training, praying, working together, with great results for a church I had only pastored for over a year.   Making disciples of our members’ works, I expect greater things this year.  We are still studying and praying with the new believers and they are growing to trust the Lord Jesus, and the work continues.
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