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April 28


  • Dr. Norman Knight, Associate Pastor at East Palo Alto SDA Church
  • Bro. Earl Jacobs, of Oakland Market Street SDA Church, an employee of Center Point Inc., with 20 yrs. experience as a Vocational Counselor, Job Developer and Community Resource Specialist. INMATE REFERRAL AND RE-ENTRY
  • Bro. George Glover, former Department of Corrections employee, "PRISON MINISTRY DO'S & DONT'S"
 Training event  for all volunteers, and for those who are interested.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” John 8:32.

This site is dedicated to the Northern California Conference Prison Ministry Department.

We believe the present-day events are indicators of our Lord’s soon return. The urgency of the times compels us to take this gospel into the entire world. That commission includes those men and women who are spiritually, mentally, and physically caught up and locked up.

We have seen the dynamic effects of the word of God on the lives of men and women everywhere. It is our mission to assist the local church in facilitating prison ministries for the Northern California Conference.

God Bless You!

Pastor Willie Johnson

(925) 603-5096

Yolanda Frazier
Administrative Assistant
(925) 603-5097
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