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Most Adult Sabbath Schools haven’t changed since 1869! In those days, pastors were not assigned to churches and Sabbath School was probably their only religious service on Sabbath. No wonder many today find Sabbath School "boring." In the 1990s, our General Conference revitalized Sabbath School by encouraging us to move from our 1869 model to where we design Sabbath School around four fundamentals. These four fundamentals are; (1) fellowship, (2) outreach, (3) learning, and (4) application. The Adult Sabbath School Department provides training in how to implement these four fundamentals in your Adult Sabbath School.

People who come to Adult Sabbath School have different needs and preferred ways of learning. This department trains Sabbath School superintendents and teachers in how to meet these felt needs and how to teach in ways to reach every learner. Not only does this department provide area-wide training events, but individual churches can request training for their church’s special needs.
Yolanda Frazier
Administrative Assistant
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