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Assurant Supplemental Benefits
We are excited to offer these benefits provided by Assurant Employee Benefits. The benefit offerings are as follows:

- Accident
- Cancer Insurance
- Critical Illness
- Life Insurance
- Short Term Disability

For plan details and rates click this link, Click here for a full plan summary
Below you will find details of the plans that will be available for you to elect:

How can Accident Insurance help?
For covered accidental injuries, fixed benefits are paid directly to you regardless of your other coverages and you can spend it any way you choose. Benefits are paid according to a fixed schedule that includes benefits for hospitalization, fractures and dislocations, emergency room visits, and more. Accident with Wellness Video

How can Cancer Insurance help? 
Cancer insurance provides fixed benefits for early detection and treatment of certain kinds of cancer, including related expenses such as screenings, hospital confinement, radiation, chemotherapy, surgery and more. Benefits are paid directly to you regardless of any other coverage you may have and you can spend it any way you choose. Cancer Video

How can Critical Illness Insurance help?
For many, a critical illness can expose an individual to an unexpected gap in protection. While health plans may help cover many of the direct costs associated with a critical illness, related expenses such as travel to and from treatment, high deductibles and co-pays may quickly diminish savings. Critical Illness with Cancer Video

How can Life Insurance help? 
An unexpected death can have devastating financial consequences for survivors — consequences that can linger long after the initial shock and grief. Adequate life insurance can help your family manage expenses and make a very difficult transition less painful. 
How can Short-Term Disability Insurance help? 
Short-Term Disability insurance provides income assistance and a way to help you pay your bills and keep your life as normal as possible if you become sick or injured and cannot work. STD Video

Real-Life Examples: Steve   Amy   Tameka   Joe
Wellness Screening Claim Statement for Accident, Criticial Illness and Cancer Insurances
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