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Student Testimonies
  1. I also decided to give myself a little pep talk first about how important it was for me to do the work of going out, and that by being faithful the Lord would bless. On this particular day, I met the most amazing man. Standing over six feet tall with tattoos everywhere, I suddenly felt very intimidated at the door. Within a few minutes, however, I found out the man was a devout Christian who was struggling with understanding the book of Revelation. With a Great Controversy in his hands, I began to explain to him how people helped out with a small donation of ten dollars that helped me go to school. As I said this, it seemed like a light went on, and he says, “I get it now.” Reaching inside his pocket he pulls out a hundred dollar bill! Immediately, I began to tell the man no, but he stopped me with his response, “Just before you came to my door, God told me to go into my bedroom, take out a hundred dollar bill, and give it to the person who knocks on my door.” As if that was not crazy enough, his next line was a message straight from heaven to me. He said, “Alyssa, you do not understand how much God loves you and wants to bless you.” With tears streaming down both of our faces, we embraced in a heartfelt hug, knowing we had both been blessed.
  2. I had just finished praying, “God, I am out here for a reason, and I know that there are precious families on this street that need these books. Give me a cheerful heart, and a love for the people, amen.” The next door – I meet this young family with two kids. You could tell that something was wrong, but their eyes had this different glow to them. You see, the husband and wife had just been praying that God would send someone to their door to pray with them. They were a Christian family, but were going through a lot. I got to share some Bible promises with them, and had a really good conversation. God’s timing was perfect. I got to pray for them, they prayed for me, and got a few powerful books that I know will change their lives. Not only did God answer my prayer – He answered there’s too!
  3. I was new to the Canvassing work, and someone had shared with me that God wants to answer specific prayers. As I went door to door, I decided to try this out. I prayed such a specific prayer, I almost felt like I was setting myself up for disappointment (My prayer – to meet a young mom with two kids, who would desire two specific books I had chosen – and for her husband to not discourage her into getting them, or better yet, not be there at all). God was so faithful to answer my prayer – EXACTLY! God is so good – He truly cares!!

Parent Testimonies
  • “Thank you for having such a neat program as the Youth Rush program.  Ashley has thoroughly enjoyed this summer.  I cannot think of a better way for her to mature in so many ways, gain experience ‘in the world but not of the world,’ earn money for school, and spread the wonderful message of Jesus all at the same time.  From her reactions and comments she been enjoying all facets of this–I hope enough so that she will want to and be willing to it again next year….” —Amanda, writing about her daughter
  • “I love watching God work to bless ‘our kids’ & ‘our community’! . . . . God is working through & in these kids! It’s very exciting to see young people who love God & are excited about working for Him! Thanks again.” —Dawn & Devon
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