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Strategic Plan

Foster an atmosphere that helps young people understand and play a significant role in the Church’s mission.

• Increase youth involvement in local church ministries
  and leadership
• Facilitate plans for inclusion of young people not connected to an Adventist school
• Establish mechanisms for youth to express their viewpoints
• Expand the Conference youth ministry program to effectively meet the needs of a diverse
   group of youth and young adults

Youth Ministry in the Northern California Conference provides services and activities for churches and schools with high school and college age youth. It provides two Spiritual retreats each year at Leoni Meadows.  These retreats are geared toward different ages groups, provide an environment that fosters the development of personal relationship with Jesus, and tools that help young people to share their personal encounters with Jesus and the Gospel of Salvation with their peers.  In addition to these retreats, the Youth Pastor team plans a yearly event designed to connect young people with their friends, church, and God.  We also provide resources and mentoring to the Youth Pastors with annual retreats and planning councils.
Eddie Heinrich
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