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In the past two years since our last constituency session, the NCC Communication Department has continued to work in a variety of ways. This two-person department handles a spectrum of communication tasks—everything from marketing and advertising to graphic design to crisis public relations to writing and editing. Director Stephanie Leal and Assistant Director Julie Lorenz love what they do and work each day to help facilitate the ministry of this Conference.

Graphic Design - One of the department’s main allotments of time and resources is spent on designing materials for the Conference, its multiple departments, and then—as time allows—helping the churches and schools. Leal, director and graphic designer, handles a number of big projects throughout the year, including materials for two camp meetings, constituency materials (every other year), ongoing projects for the Bridges: Bay Area for Jesus initiative, and work for the NCC Strategic Plan. Many smaller projects include booklets, brochures, fliers, bulletin inserts, bookmarks, postcards, business cards, posters, signs, etc. The department works with event/project planners on their design goals—managing projects from start (concept, design brainstorming) to middle (writing and/or editing) to end (which often includes print production or preparing files for electronic dissemination). 

Online Presence – The Conference website's new design is only several years old. The design—incorporating big, bold photos—provides a mini-home page for each NCC department. The communication department remains responsible for overall content, but it provides training to all NCC departments on how to update their sections of the website, providing tutorials as well as advice on how to organize the individual sections. Leal and Lorenz also help to maintain several Facebook pages, including the main NCC page (www.facebook.com/NorCalAdventistsinAction), Redwood Camp Meeting (www.facebook.com/redwoodcamp), and a variety of others used by other departments to reach specific audiences. As time allows, the department also provides advice and help to local churches and schools for their websites. 

Crisis Public Relations - While this might not be the most pleasant aspect in the life of an organization, it's a very important one. Leal serves as the spokesperson for the Conference in a number of situations, and she disseminates information to internal and/or external publics in the following situations: 1. National news stories that affect the Seventh-day Adventist Church; 2. Public statements if needed in legal cases; 3. Any situation in which the media is involved; 4. Communication of any news to external or internal publics within the Adventist network. The Director encourages all the Conference's related entities to contact the communication department right away when a crisis arises. 

Writing and Editing – Writing and editing articles for the Pacific Union Recorder—with a circulation of about 76,000—remains one of the department’s biggest tasks of this type. Lorenz coordinates with churches and schools across the NCC territory to provide content for 4-6 pages each month. The department also helps to produce The Word on the Street, NCC President Jim Pedersen's weekly newsletter and winner of the 2015 Adventist Communicator Best in Class New Media E-Newsletter Award. Leal and Lorenz serve as editors, fact-checkers, and researchers for this weekly resource. Anyone can sign up to receive the newsletter at www.nccsda.com/WOTS.

The communication department continues to help the many entities in this Conference push forward, meet their communication goals, and implement their communication plans. Leal and Lorenz like to hear from as many people as possible to get lots of news and information to share with the larger membership throughout the NCC territory. To reach Leal, e-mail Stephanie.Leal@nccsda.com, and to reach Lorenz, e-mail Julie.Lorenz@nccsda.com. Thank you for all you do in your local church and school to help spread the gospel throughout our communities. 

Stephanie Leal

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