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Women's Ministries
The goal of the NCC Women’s Ministries Department is “A Ministry for Every Woman.” We encourage each church to design a program to meet the special needs and interests that are unique to its congregation. We assist churches in networking and provide women’s ministries resource materials and training.

All programs and activities are designed to strengthen members personally and spiritually, to help in the formation of friendships, and to provide an opportunity for church members to invite non-members and former members to Christ-centered activities. The NCC Women’s Ministries Advisory Board is made up of 16 members that represent the ten regions of the conference and various ethnic groups.

Women’s Ministries helps local churches:
  • Assists congregations in starting and growing active ministries to women in every church.
  • Addresses with sensitivity the needs of women in congregations that do not have women’s ministries.
  • Nurtures women who come seeking counsel and advice.
  • Through the EndItNow Abuse Prevention Task Force, assists in bringing abuse awareness to local churches and also networks with churches and local agencies.
  • Provides Women of Wisdom (WOW), a program for churches in which a panel of experienced women with diverse backgrounds addresses issues that women face today.
  • Provides information and resources of special interest to women through seminars and on the NCC website: nccsda.com/womensministries.
  • Assists local church women’s ministries and young women’s ministries with grants up to $300.
  • Promotes Bible study DVD programs such as “Journey of Joy,” “Surprised by Love,” and others
Women’s Ministries plans inspiring and helpful events and programs:
  • Plans an annual Leadership Training Conference with innovative keynote speakers and breakout groups on subjects that relate to women and their spiritual, physical, emotional, and social needs.
  • Helps with programs connected to EndItNow and the Abuse Prevention Task Force, provides symposiums and workshops, and networks with community agencies and counselors throughout Northern California
  • Organizes and supports other programs, such as the annual Women’s Day of Prayer; PALS (Prayer and Love Saves), which supports parents of children who no longer attend church; and Heart Call, which is a program to reunite women who are no longer attending church.
  • Fosters the Breast Cancer Awareness and Support Program, with Karen White, a survivor and prayer partner to women, which includes a Sunday-morning Prayer Call at 6:00 a.m.
Women’s Ministries includes Young Women’s Ministries (YWM):
  • The NCC Young Women’s Ministries Advisory Council gives support to the various YWM groups throughout the NCC.
  • Promotes young women’s ministries for teenagers and college girls.
  • Promotes “Princess Teas” (a program written by Tamyra Horst) for girls ages 6-12.
Women’s Ministries supports The Congo Widows Mission Project:
  • Provides goats for Congolese widows in the Goma District of The Democratic Republic of the Congo, so they can provide for themselves and their children.
  • Has helped over 1,200 women and their children become financially independent through raising the goats, milking them, and making cheese. In the past four years, women have started bakeries and other businesses due to the help of the goat project.
  • Has financed the construction of a 1,000-seat church.
  • Has financed the foundation for a two-story school for 300 students. 
  • Has provided glasses and eye care.
  • Has provided help for orphan children.
  • Brings women together, not only to help women in the Congo but also in local congregations and communities.

Mary Jo Lauderdale
Women’s Ministries

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