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The NCC Ministerial Department seeks to build upon the foundation laid out by former Director Walter Groff. Assisted by area ministerial associates, Groff provided support and encouragement for pastors and their families.
In the coming years, one major goal of the ministerial department is to help Adventist congregations work cooperatively with each other, rather than seeing each other as the competition. Too many of our churches do not work in cooperation with other Adventist churches in their areas—which is poor stewardship of time and resources, as well as not in keeping with Ellen White’s admonition to “Press together!”
Several groups of NCC churches are already working together successfully.
  • The Clearlake, Lakeport, Middletown, and Upper Lake churches have joined together to create "Seventh-day Adventist Churches of Lake County 4 You." 
  • "Lodi 4 Jesus" is another example of churches working together.
  • A number of Sacramento churches are working together to present a Christmas concert as a bridging evangelism event this December.  
Another major goal of the department is to facilitate leadership development—one of the eight goals of the NCC Strategic Plan. Ongoing education is vital to the development of spiritual leaders, both pastors and laypeople. The ministerial department with be encouraging pastors to earn a minimum of two Continuing Education Units a year. The new Adventist Learning Community is a web-based method of bringing continuing education to pastors and lay people.
Another major goal is to work with pastors and local church leaders to create and maintain healthy churches. A healthy church is not only spiritual, but it's also safe, supportive, and attractive to young people. We want to be growing churches for tomorrow!

Jim Lorenz

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