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The Education Director serves as the superintendent of the Adventist educational system in the Northern California Conference, which includes five preschools, 25 K-8 schools, one K-10 school, seven K-12 schools, and three 9-12 schools.

Services provided by the NCC Office of Education include:
  • Promoting Adventist education in the churches.
  • Meeting with school boards and committee for encouragement and problem solving.
  • Planning and providing materials and in-service training for orientation of school board members.
  • Planning and encouraging professional growth opportunities for educators, including certification renewal.
  • Working closely with the NCC Board of Education to meet personnel and employment needs, including hiring, dismissal, retirement, transfers, and certification of K-12 personnel.
  • Preserving school, student, and employee records.
  • Coordinating school evaluations and accreditation processing.
  • Disbursing scholarship funds.
  • Promoting safe school practices and providing materials for school safety training.
  • Planning and providing conference-wide events, i.e. music festivals and T.E.A.M. meetings sponsored by the Mark Blue Lecture Series
  • Small schools pastor providing a unique ministry for the 18 small NCC schools (serving 288 students) and assisting NCC teachers and pastors in bringing students closer to Jesus.
  • Marketing specialist implementing an effective marketing and outreach program for student recruitment with our schools throughout the conference. (This service is made possible through special funding sources).
The mission of Adventist education is to create a culture that demonstrates academic excellence in teaching and learning that prepares students for Christian service in this world and for heaven. With over 2,418 students, 245 educators, 36 schools and five pre-schools in the conference, this mission is a major challenge! Thanks to the dedication of NCC church members, their financial support, and their prayers, the ministry of education is still a very high priority in this conference.
The NCC Office of Education’s number one goal is to foster student commitment to Christ and His mission. To this end, the office promotes “T.E.A.M.—Together Educators and Ministers working together to transform children into spiritual champions.” The T.E.A.M. Council has been established to promote and facilitate team building and unity among principals, pastors, and parents for the benefit of all Adventist children. Collaborating with the departments of Children’s, Ministerial, and Youth Ministries working as staff for the health, benefit, and welfare of our children.
Working together as one takes a continued and intentional approach to nurturing the culture of T.E.A.M., working together with principals, teachers, and pastors to identify areas needing attention, and to continue the process of nurturing and creating healthy relationships between institutions for the benefit of the children. The Mark Blue Lecture, an annual joint meeting for educators and pastors, is designed to facilitate this process.
In the past 2.5 years, many students at NCC schools have made commitments to Christ. During the 2014 and 2015 school years, over 123 students enrolled in NCC schools were baptized, including 10 from non-Adventist homes. Additionally, nine parents were baptized. Students participated in new and continuing community outreach programs and mission trips at home and around the world. Academy students increasingly were involved in Bible studies on campus, at Bible retreats, and at home.
The NCC Office of Education is committed to enhancing the student learning experience. All secondary schools have completed the rigorous process of becoming stand-alone academies, with full North American Division (NAD) and Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation. All NCC small schools are accredited by the NAD Commission on Accreditation.

The NCC Office of Education has made all of its policies and forms available on www.ncceducation.org and encourages church members to browse this excellent source of information concerning Adventist education in the Northern California Conference.
The NCC Office of Education is committed to teacher training. The office provides an annual conference-wide in-service every August and encourages each teacher to participate in a yearly Professional Growth Plan. Teachers are also provided with the online tool, PD in Focus, to view short, topic-based videos on a variety of instructional topics. Differentiated Instruction continues to be a focus in our conference with over 100 attendees to the national DI conference. Additionally, 19 teachers have attended the Pacific Union’s annual three-day “Train the Trainer” event, with 10 additional teachers set to attend this June. The NCC DI Trainers collaborate and open their classrooms to model and coach teachers in DI strategies across the conference. Improvements in instruction across grade levels and subject matter have been noted.
The NCC Office of Education is committed to making Adventist education more affordable. The NCC subsidizes K-12 Adventist education at the equivalent of 14.75% of tithe. Various sources have provided scholarships for K-12 students in NCC schools. During the last 2.5 school years, over $259,000 was disbursed to eligible students. (Additionally, over $265,600 was disbursed to eligible students enrolled at Adventist colleges.) The New Convert Subsidy Program allows for a two-year phase-in of tuition expense for new members of the Adventist Church. The last 2.5 school years, the NCC contributed over $54,085 to this project, and 49 students benefited. The Office of Education has formed a conference-wide taskforce to research, analyze, and recommend potential changes to the current constituent funding of education.
The NCC Office of Education is committed to early childhood education. The NCC operates five Early Childhood Education centers with 23 certified/degreed preschool teachers and 145 students. The office sponsors an annual ECEC directors’ in-service as well as an annual ECEC teachers’ in-service. The ECEC staff members are included in the K-12 teacher in-services held once or twice a year.
The NCC Office of Education invites every church member to join them every day between 8:00-9:00 a.m. to pray for all the NCC children. Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me.” Please bring them to the Lord in prayer as the entire conference prays for the salvation of NCC children, as well as for the growth and development of servant hearts! Amazing things happen “when my people pray.” May God continue to bless the schools and church families as together all pray the children into the presence of God. Thank you for being a part of this cooperative effort on behalf of all NCC children!


Bill Keresoma

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