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Asian/Pacific Ministries
In the two years since the last constituency session, the Asian/Pacific Ministries Department has fulfilled a unique role, serving 20 churches, companies, and groups representing 12 nationalities. We serve Cambodian, Chinese, Fijian, Filipino, Hmong, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Samoan, Tongan, and Vietnamese congregations.

The Asian/Pacific ministries network includes pastors with diverse cultural strengths and ideas which—when combined—create a wealth of knowledge and evangelistic strategies. Sharing these creative ideas and strategies helps pastors develop exciting and innovative ways of reaching out to new members. The network is also designed to be an encouragement to pastors and their spouses, who perform their responsibilities within their own linguistic and cultural context.

The department is committed to helping our pastors reach their full leadership potential by providing avenues for them to excel mentally and spiritually, thus assisting them in helping their churches fulfill our NCC Mission Statement: “The Northern California Conference is a network of churches, schools and ministries dedicated to transforming people through the good news of Jesus Christ and preparing them for His soon return.”

In order to fulfill this mission, the office of Asian/Pacific Ministries endeavors to encourage and motivate our pastors and churches: 1) to reach their own language speakers and win people to Jesus; 2) to help groups grow to be organized into companies; 3) to help companies be organized into churches.
During the last two years, this office has facilitated and coordinated the further organization of two congregations. In 2014, the American Canyon Fil-Am church was formally organized. In 2015, the Sacramento Fijian company became the first formally organized Fijian congregation in the North American Division. We also rejoiced to see the Hmong group growing in our conference. This year they purchased their own church facility in Oroville—the first Hmong church building in the North American Division. We give praises to the Lord!

James Miho Lim

Asian/Pacific Ministries

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