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Hispanic Ministries
The pastors and laity of the Hispanic work in the Northern California Conference are dedicated to transforming people by the Holy Spirit through the message of salvation through Jesus Christ, in preparation for His soon return. By God’s grace we are empowering—in an effective, dynamic and spiritual way—His people in the gospel and the mission of the Church.
To empower and mobilize his Church for mission until Jesus comes, we have three initiatives:
  • To create and sustain a movement of transformational discipleship.
  • To achieve excellence in specialized ministries focusing on children and young people.
  • To do evangelism that is relevant and contextualized. We want to implement “Christ’s method alone” through a contextualized effort in personal evangelism, community outreach, and public evangelism that targets people and social groups . 
Hispanic Ministries Growth Facts:
2014 - 2756 members of Hispanic churches                                                         
2015 - 2950 members of Hispanic churches

2014 - 99 baptisms and professions of faith
2015 - 187 baptisms and professions of faith                                         
2014 - $2,007,877 in tithe                                                               
2015 - $2,115,213 in tithe
Events and Ministries, 2014 – May, 2016
Transformational Discipleship                   
One New Believers Retreat - 80 attendees
Two Lay Retreats - 600 attendees
Two Couples Retreats - 143 couples attending 
Two Women’s Retreats - 790 attendees
Two Discipleship Live stream trainings - 150 attendees
Excellence in Specialized Ministries
One Children and Youth Training - 80 attendees
One Young adult retreat - 64 attendees
Two High School Retreats - 250 attendees
Relevant and Contextualized Evangelism
Nine “Vida Nueva” reaping meetings - 86 precious souls
Four Transformed Sabbath School Trainings
Transformational Houses of Worship
One new church building dedication - Hayward Spanish
Two new church plant groups - San Leandro and North Highlands

Jose Marin

Hispanic Ministries

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