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Leoni Meadows
Over the past two years, Leoni Meadows has continued to experience the blessings of growth! Last summer more than 2,200 guests enjoyed the camp, and use of the year-round facilities and programs continues to increase.

Leoni Meadows hosts a multitude of ministries and groups at its beautiful facility. Many local churches and NCC departments use Leoni for weekend retreats, especially the Youth and Hispanic Ministries departments. Other groups also enjoy the facility. For instance, Leoni is happy to host four Camp Kesems, which minister to young people who have lost a parent or sibling to cancer. Having groups like these has allowed us to be able to continue to offer great food service and excellent lodging accommodations.

Many improvements have been made to Leoni Meadows. We’ve added five incredible zip lines, spanning more than a mile in length. We also have our own nine-hole Frisbee golf course.  All of the fun amenities are part of Leoni Meadows’ ministry, designed to give kids (of all ages) a chance to unwind. We hope their time in this beautiful and natural setting will give them the opportunity to listen to the still, small voice of God as they reconnect with their Creator.

It is amazing to see how God moves on the lives of those who visit here. Every summer, many make decisions for Christ, and on most Sabbaths there is a baptismal service for those who are eager to accept the saving grace of Jesus Christ into their lives.  That is what Leoni is all abou—providing a place where our goal, our passion, and our gift is presenting Jesus.

Leoni Meadows looks forward to continuing to serve the youth and churches of the NCC. We hope that all guests and campers will experience a closer relationship with their Redeemer and with each other because of their time at Leoni Meadows. For more information on Leoni Meadows Christian Camp and Retreat Center, visit our website at www.leonimeadows.org.

Craig Heinrich
Executive Director
Leoni Meadows

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