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Salvador Alvarado Named New ABC Manager for NCC Stores
On Sept. 14, the Northern California Conference Executive Committee voted Salvador (Sal) Alvarado to be the new manager of the NCC Adventist Book Center (ABC) stores, located in Pleasant Hill and Sacramento.
Alvarado comes to the job with over two decades of sales experience in the Bay Area, including more than seven years as general manager of a successful company. Of all his responsibilities, he enjoys working with people the most. “My favorite part is talking with people and communicating with them,” he said.
One of Alvarado’s goals for his new position is to attract community members to the stores. “The ABC has been devoted to church members, but I feel there is a missing group of people we need to reach out to. We’ll start with the neighborhoods around the stores.”
He also wants to stock more items for Spanish speakers. “Since my roots are Hispanic, I want to provide more material to the Spanish-speaking community,” he said.
NCC administrators look forward to supporting Alvarado in his new position. “Sal’s commitment to our Church and to outreach—as well as his many years of managerial and sales experience—make him a great asset to our ABC stores,” said NCC President Jim Pedersen.
Alvarado has been married to his wife, Sonia, for almost 32 years. They have two adult sons: Salvador, Jr. and Gabriel. He is a long-time member of the Hayward Spanish church, where he currently serves as head elder.
A native of El Salvador, Alvarado came to the United States in 1988. He was raised as a Catholic even though his mother had grown up as an Adventist. Many years later, his sister and mother were baptized into the Adventist Church. When his sister invited him to attend her church, he declined because he didn’t want his young son to be torn between two religions. His wife, however, was interested in attending. “When was the last time we went to church?” she asked, and he agreed to go.
After attending church and Pathfinders, Alvarado’s wife and son were baptized, but Alvarado was troubled because his job required him to work on Sabbath. One day, his boss told him that he could have one Saturday off a month. A few weeks later, Alvarado was told he could have every other Saturday off. He realized that the Holy Spirit was at work. “That was my call,” he said. “God had got me up to this point. From this point on, I needed to make the move.”
Alvarado told his employer he couldn’t work on any Saturdays. When his boss refused to give him the time off, Alvarado put his work keys on the table and said he would resign. “Hold it!” said his surprised boss. After discussing the situation, his employer gave him every Sabbath off. Alvarado went home and called his pastor: “Be ready, because I’m going to be baptized next Sabbath.”  He was baptized at the Hayward Spanish church in 1999.
As he takes over his new responsibilities, Alvarado is eager to serve alongside ABC employees and the NCC administration. “I am looking forward to working with the team,” he said. “I’m a 100% team player.”
Find out more about the NCC ABC stores at nccsda.com/abc.
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