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Executive Secretary's Report
I’m happy to report that the churches, schools, and other ministries of the Northern California Conference continue to fulfill our motto: “Doing What Matters for the Kingdom.” During the past two years, our conference has continued to grow and we are working hard to enlarge God’s kingdom. There is no doubt that God has blessed us!
We are now past the 40,000-plus-membership milestone—and growing! By the end of 2015, our conference had grown to a membership of 40,404. This is a net increase of 417 over the end of 2014. This growth is a reflection of the 1,480 members who joined our Church through baptism or profession of faith in the last two years. We praise God for these individuals who have connected their lives to Christ and have joined our family!
God’s work is also expanding in our territory with the development of new congregations. In the past two years, six new congregations have been organized. The American Canyon Fil-Am Church was organized in September 2014. The Sacramento Fijian Church Company—the first official Fijian congregation in the North American Division—was organized in January 2015. Two more congregations were added in 2015: Weimar Campus Church Company in May and the Lincoln Amazing Grace Church in September. In 2016, the North Highlands Spanish Church Company and the San Leandro Spanish Church Company joined our sisterhood of churches. And just recently, Chico Spanish was organized as an official church on September 17, 2016. To date, we now have 143 churches, 17 companies, and 38 schools. We thank God for the many pastors, educators, staff, and members who help us enlarge God’s kingdom!

Marc K. Woodson
Executive Secretary
Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists | 401 Taylor Blvd. | P.O. Box 23165 | Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 | (925) 685-4300 | info@nccsda.com