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Summary of Recommended Changes
Several additions and deletions to the Bylaws have been recommended by the Bylaws Committee and can be summarized as follows:
  1. Technical Changes and Clarification—These changes involve improving grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and wording for clarification purposes. (See Articles I; III; V; VI; VIII; IX; XI)
  1. Territory and Principal Office—This change clarifies the wording, which describes the territory of the Northern California Conference. (See Article III)
  1. Terminology—These changes simplify the definitions of terms and delete wording that describes what happens to a person’s membership when his or her church is disbanded or expelled from the Conference. This description seems extraneous within this context and is covered in conference policy. (See Article IV)
  1. Pacific Union RecorderThis change specifically identifies the official publication of the Pacific Union Conference as it relates to notices for constituency sessions. (See Article V.3-A, B)
  1. Executive Committee—These changes clarify what is meant by a “lay” member of the executive committee: a person who is not an employee of the Conference. They also specifically identify which positions may be removed for cause by the Conference Executive Committee. (See Article VII.1, 2)
  1. Written Notice—This change allows for written notice as opposed to “mailing notice” for meetings of the Conference Executive Committee. (See Article VII.5)
  1. Executive Committee Meeting—This added wording defines attendance at Conference Executive Committee meetings and allows for these same meetings to be held in various forms, which is current practice. (See Article VII.6)
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