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Hey Pedro!
In February, 2017, Wellness Committee Member Lydia Paredes communicated with Concord International/Pleasant Hill Hispanic American District Church Pastor Pedro Trinidad regarding his recent road to health and why he loves the WOW program. 

Lydia: Hey Pedro! So, you say you’ve been on quite the journey lately. What journey?
Pedro: I have been on a healthy living journey that has included healthy eating and healthy moving. 

Lydia: What motivated you to get healthy? 
Pedro: There was a group of young adults from my churches (Concord International & Pleasant Hill Hispanic American) that had gone on a weight loss challenge last year (2016). I kept seeing success after success, so I decided to give it a shot. I had to make sure, though, that the timing was right so that there were no pastors’ retreats, family vacations, or other outings that would make it hard to keep on track. I knew that I was overweight, and my doctor told me that I needed to lose weight. 

Lydia: I know how busy pastors are. When did the challenge start? 
Pedro: In November of 2016, I began the P2P Challenge. The P2P Transformation Center works like this: I had to give a $497 deposit. The arrangement was that if I were to lose 20 pounds, I would get a 100% refund. If I didn’t lose the 20 pounds, then I would lose the deposit. I figured that I had more than 20 pounds to lose, so I figured: “let’s do it.” It was before Christmas and after a trip I took to Puerto Rico. I would be finished with the challenge by December 15, 2016, just before Christmas. 

Lydia: WOW, talk about a challenge. You know, many people would love to lose 20 pounds in six weeks and during the holiday months of November and December. And you had to pay, knowing the level of dedication and determination that you would need to put in. That’s quite the challenge you accepted! So! Tell me … what happened during your six weeks? 
Pedro: I enjoyed the workouts. Sessions were six days a week for one hour in a group setting of about 20-25 people, with two coaches giving marching orders. It is very similar to CrossFit and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Even though there were days I thought I wouldn’t make it, I really did love the workouts. There were days I even added in a 30-minute jog. My running time went from 11-12 minute miles down to nine-minute miles. 

Lydia: Pedro! This is incredible to hear! I know how intense CrossFit and HIIT can be, and to slim your run time is a feat within itself. Congratulations on these two accomplishments! The challenge was not slimming your run time down though. It was losing 20 pounds. Did you make it? 
Pedro: I lost 22 pounds during the six-week challenge. Not only did I succeed, but I excelled! 

Lydia: WOO-HOO! Congratulations! It’s 2017. How can our new Working On Wellness (WOW) Campaign help you now? It seems like you were very successful and figured everything out last year during your challenge. 
Pedro: Yes, I accomplished my goal. I attribute my success to something called “accountability.” There were things that motivated me to keep accountable, such as: 
#1 I better get my $497 back or else, 
#2 I was going to be letting some people down that were counting on me, 
#3 my coaches were not going to let me give up, and 
#4 my partners at the gym were encouraging and pushing me to continue. 
Knowing that I had a set goal and having a team support and push me through to the end made all the difference. This experience reminded me of a valuable spiritual principle. Many people have the intention of staying connected with God. They know what they need to keep that relationship growing. They have the tools and the resources. The problem lies many times with the lack of motivation and modeling what that looks like. These are discipleship principles that we have overlooked in the church. When we come alongside people and walk with them, encourage them, and inspire them, then we will see more sustainable results. When someone is by your side saying, “you can do it; don’t give up,” we are encouraged and motivated. 

Lydia: How will your plan continue? 
Pedro: For me, the real challenge begins now. My plan for 2017 is to keep on track. I want to form a long-lasting habit that will help me keep accountable. I want to take care of this “temple” God gave me. The NCC WOW campaign is helping me keep on track.
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