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How's it Going?
It’s been said that a good way to stay accountable is to tell others what you are doing or going to do. For 2018 we are helping two of our NCC employees stay accountable to their wellness endeavors by following them on their wellness journey. The two employees are Bernadette Johnson, Administrative Assistant, Evangelism/Church Growth and Ministerial, and Tim McMillen, Associate Pastor, Gracepoint.
Bernadette is getting a fresh start and wants to be healthier in 2018. To help her achieve her goals she said she is going to:
  • Eliminate all white sugar, white flour, and white rice products from her diet,
  • Limit the amount of dairy products that she consumes,
  • Go to the gym 3 times per week, and
  • Walk during her lunch breaks 
We’re rooting for you Bernadette!
We will be checking in with Bernadette regularly to ask “How’s it Going?” and encourage her on her wellness journey.
Pastor Tim has lost 28 pounds since November 2017. Here is how he did it:

He began his wellness journey in early November 2017. Pastor Tim shared that he had previously made half-hearted attempts to become healthy. He had minor successes in different areas at different times.  He joined a gym for a year and really enjoyed that but he didn’t see any noticeable results. He changed his diet for a year and noticed some positive changes but could never stuck with the new plan; “Taco Bell and McDonalds would always lure me back!” said Pastor Tim. So, in November of 2017 he learned that he was diabetic “and that changed everything.” He changed his diet and focused on eating healthy, plant-based foods; a good breakfast and a big salad for lunch. Pastor Tim said, “It was interesting because weight loss was not my motivation. I was motivated to make healthy choices and those choices produced unintended but welcomed changes in my life.” In addition to the change in his diet he started doing simple exercises. He walked twice a day for at least 20 minutes each time, and he started doing strength training three days a week. WOW!
We will be checking in with Pastor Tim regularly to ask “How’s it Going?” and help support him as he continues on his journey.
Follow along throughout this year as we check in with Bernadette and Pastor Tim from time to time to see how they are doing on their wellness journey, and keep them accountable. Keep them in your prayers!
Please Note: This section of our website is not intended to provide any medical or weight loss advice. We encourage you to consult your health care provider to find out what will work best for you.
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