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Teen Caving 2017
Pathfinder Teen Caving
November 10-12
Registration Link:
We are having problems with our website.  Our webmaster hasn’t been able to fix the dates for Caving, so I here is the link for registration.  Registration
Anytime on Friday
Friday Night:
Worship by Club
$10.00 per person
Please don’t pay the rangers.  Don Smith will keep track of all the clubs and pay the fees. 
9:30 A.M to 11:30. in the entrance of the Valentine cave.
We encourage clubs to cave on Friday, Saturday night, and/or Sunday.  There are lots of other Sabbath things to do on Sabbath afternoon (Ask Margaret Smith in you need some ideas), but we don’t mandate that you can’t cave on Sabbath. 
What’s going to take place?  
On November 11, we would like to have a gathering in the entrance of Valentine cave.  We do this in this location because of the weather.  As you are aware, the weather that time of year is cold, often rainy or snowy.   The entrance of this cave gets the group out of the weather.  Over the years a very few people have come down into the cave and have just walked through and explored the cave.    We leave a path through the group so that people’s access to the cave isn’t blocked.  We don’t go any further into the cave than the initial chamber.
As part of the gathering, we often ask one of the rangers to come and talk to us about the caves.  This event is an educational experience and adventure for teens.   We believe that the earth and its resources are important to protect and education is one of the ways to accomplish this goal.
We typically provide a supervision ratio of 1 adult to 6 teens, sometimes its 1 to 4.
During the gathering, we have a three to five people lead three or four songs with a guitar or two.  A group of teens present a short skit, and someone talks to the group.  Then they dismiss.
Exact location:
Valentine cave, from the bottom of the stairs up to the rock column that starts to narrow down into two separate tunnels (approx. 60 ft).
Equipment Used:
1.  Most bring chairs, but some sit on the floor.  We encourage the Pathfinders to not touch the walls due to their fragile nature.  2.  A couple of guitars
Cave Exploration:
Other than the time in Valentine caving, the group goes caving, explores around the park, or goes over to the drawings across the lake.  Saturday night after dark, many of the group go caving in the loop until it closes.
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