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2018 NCC Specific Readings
READING FOR MAY 26, 2018 - NCC Multicultural Ministries

The Hispanic work in Northern California maintained its dynamic vision during 2017. Through a variety of coordinated outreach programs - followed by evangelistic series - Hispanic churches continued to bring the Adventist message to their communities.

For example, in April 2017 most Hispanic churches participated in an evangelistic effort. The churches rejoiced with the baptism of 73 souls and 71 interested people who wanted to learn more. In 2017 we had the joy of seeing two companies (Ukiah and Sonoma) join the body of Hispanic congregations in the NCC.

We also have serious challenges. One of them is getting meeting places for our people. Every day it becomes more difficult to obtain facilities for our new congregations. We also want to promote and help our second-generation Hispanic youth to get an Adventist education that prepares them for life and for eternity. In addition, we want to reach new immigrants and their families with the message of the soon coming of the Lord Jesus.

Your offering today will contribute to the development of the Hispanic work in the Northern California Conference.

READING FOR JULY 14, 2018 - NCC Women's Ministries

Women played a significant role in Christ’s life and ministry. And they are playing a significant role in His work today. They are glorifying God with service to Him on behalf of the women in the pews of our churches, in our local communities, and in places around the world, such as The Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The goal of NCC Women's Ministries is "A Ministry for Every Woman." We assist women in developing their personal relationship with Jesus, and we provide tools, information, and support to assist them in ministry in their local churches and communities. 

Each year, NCC Women's Ministries sponsors a leadership conference called Turning Points. We also sponsor an annual young women's banquet, princess teas for younger girls, ENDITNOW Abuse Prevention Conferences, and more. In addition, we provide grant funds, resources, and information for local church women's ministries programs.

In addition to helping women in local communities, NCC Women's Ministries sponsors The Congo Widows Mission Project. This project has helped 2,000 widows to become financially independent by giving them goats to start their own small businesses. The project has also presented evangelic meetings and built a church, where 1,000 widows can worship safely. This year the project drilled a well in Mungbalo, and plans are moving forward for more wells, as well as providing school supplies to students.

Sabbath, July 14, has been set aside as the day for the North American Division Women’s Ministries offering.  Forty percent of this offering will be returned to NCC Women’s Ministries and the other sixty percent will be divided equally between women's ministries in the Pacific Union and the North American Division.

May God impress you with your part in glorifying Him through your gift to Women’s Ministries.

READING FOR JULY 28, 2018 - NCC Evangelism

“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. That is why the Scriptures say, ‘How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!’” (Rom. 10:13, 15).
Do you remember when you first heard the gospel – that we don’t have to be good enough to be saved? Even though we deserve death, God loves us so much that He sent His Son to solve our sin problem. All we have to do is accept His gift and allow Him to transform us into His character.
Once a boy, who loved to carve wood, made a toy boat. A stream flowed near his home and he decided to try out his new boat. Unfortunately, the boat got away and even though he searched for days, he never found it. Weeks later, as he was going by a used toy store, he saw his boat. He asked the owner to give him his boat, but the owner would only sell it to him. He returned with the money and bought his boat back.

You have certainly caught the symbolism of this simple, modern-day parable! Jesus created us, but we sailed away into sin. He bought us back by His death on the cross. Good news! We are so loved by Him that He is willing to redeem what is already His! 
Your generous offering today will help spread this good news so many more can be adopted into His family.

READING FOR September 22, 2018 - NCC education

Coming soon.
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