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Delegate Registration

We are using Eventbrite for the 2018 Constituency Session registration. We are going paperless this session, which includes delegate registration and communication. Kimberly.Boutte@nccsda.com sent out an email to the head pastor of each church (or the head elder if no pastor is assigned to your church) on March 13, 2018. This email has a access code that is unique to each pastor (or head elder).

Read through all of the instructions before you click on the link below.

Here is the registration link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2018-ncc-constituency-registration-39659688195


The page will look like the image below.

STEP 1: Click on the Register button.

You will then be asked for the access code that you received in the email. This access code is unique to you and will unlock a specific number of delegate tickets for your church(es). Each church is granted one delegate and an additional delegate for each 100 members or major fraction thereof.

STEP 2: Enter your access code


Step 3: Select the maximum number of delegate tickets from the dropdown menu on the right side.

The following page will ask for your contact information in the top section.

Step 4: Create an Eventbrite account by filling in the Create Password box. This will allow you to log back in if you need to make changes to your delegates.

STEP 5: Fill in the information for your delegates in the Registration - Regular Delegate sections. The first name, last name, email address, and church are required for each delegate. By default, Eventbrite fills in the first Regular Delegate with your contact information. You will want to replace this with your delegate information instead. The sole pastor or senior pastor of each church is an ex officio delegate (not a regular delegate) and should NOT be included in the church's delegate list. If you leave your information in the Regular Delegate section you will be shorting your church by one delegate. A church's associate or assistant pastor can serve as a regular delegate if the church chooses him/her.

If you are a district pastor, distribute the delegates between your various churches as listed in the e-mail.

All of your delegates must be chosen by the close of registration on Monday, July 2.

Step 6: Click Complete Registration at the bottom of the page (not pictured) when you are finished. You will receive an e-mail with a summary of your delegates.


If you have technical questions, please contact it@nccsda.com or call 925-603-5031.

Please let us know if you have any other questions and thank you for your help. We look forward to seeing you and your delegates at the constituency session on Sept. 30, 2018.


Kimberly Boutté

Executive Administrative Assistant to the Executive Secretary

Northern California Conference

401 Taylor Blvd

Pleasant Hill CA, 94523



(925) 603-5007
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