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Leoni Meadows - Craig Heinrich, Executive Director
Craig Heinrich
Executive Director, Leoni Meadows (non-voted position)
The responsibilities of the Leoni Meadows executive director include:
  • managing the employees and volunteers of Leoni Meadows
  • managing the resources of Leoni Meadows
  • providing spiritual leadership to the Leoni Meadows ministry team
  • directing and promoting summer camp ministry
  • coordinating and promoting the year-round camping ministry of Leoni Meadows
  • serving as the chairperson for the Board of Directors for Mission and Vision
  • serving on the Leoni Meadows Operating Board. 
The Leoni Meadows executive director works closely with the conference president, executive secretary, and treasurer in the management of Leoni Meadows and reports to the Leoni Meadows Operating Board.
Our Goal
Our world, and especially our church, needs leaders of all ages – leaders whose lives are dedicated to sharing what our Lord and Savior has done for them; leaders who are willing to stand up and be counted; leaders who can say with Paul, “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel … for it is the POWER of God for salvation” (Romans 1:16).
Thus, our goal at Leoni Meadows is to forge spiritual leaders and followers. We are here to do much more than provide a comfortable place to relax, recuperate, and rejuvenate. Instead, we are here to build spiritual leaders for home, work, play, and worship. We are here to show people what it takes to become a spiritual leader, encourage them to make the commitment, and teach them how to use those skills for Christ in their daily lives.
This goal, our dream, moves us to a new level of ministry at Leoni Meadows. It raises the bar. To achieve it, we may need to do things differently. Christ’s inspiration and leading are essential.
Our Setting
From the beautiful meadow view to the 1,200-foot-long “Colossal Zipline,” Leoni is a place built and maintained for ministry. That ministry is well focused on kids through adults. With more than 2,300 friends showing up during the summer, and then 7,500+ throughout the year, this place is bursting with the joy of the Lord. With more than 50 baptisms in the last five years, Leoni has been blessed!
In a continuing attempt to be part of the community, Leoni Meadows continues to host Camp Kesem. This camp provides healing to children who have lost a loved one to cancer. We are happy that Kesem has chosen to bring their campers to Leoni Meadows.
Our Prayer
So, we look forward to the future with this prayer, “Lord help us remember that there is no challenge too great, no detail too small, for You. We ask for Your guidance – for what lies ahead.”
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