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Strategic Plan 2012-2016
Conference Goals
1. Core Message
Understand and communicate the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ.

• Develop an understanding that we are saved by God’s grace alone
• Provide training for members to share the good news
• Identify effective models for spiritual growth

2. Leadership Development
Produce effective, spiritual leaders.

• Strengthen pastoral leadership
• Increase effective lay leadership
• Develop Conference-wide leadership succession plans
• Enhance Conference administrative and staff leadership
• Improve educational leadership

3. Church Growth
Cultivate a healthy ministry environment that grows Adventist Christian disciples.

• Improve local church health
• Increase membership/discipleship growth rates
• Expand reach into large population centers
• Develop more effective evangelism and outreach methods
• Provide better oversight of churches

4. Educational Excellence
Demonstrate academic excellence in teaching and learning that prepares students for Christian service in this world and for heaven.

• Produce more Journey to Excellence schools
• Make Adventist Christian education more affordable
• Develop an overall marketing strategy for schools
• Identify ways to serve students not within the Adventist educational system
• Foster student commitment to Christ and His mission
• Enhance the student learning experience

5. Community Outreach
Enlarge Adventist ministry involvement in local communities.

• Build relationships with religious, civic and other local community leaders
• Increase positive Seventh-day Adventist name recognition in the territory
• Collaborate with local community organizations, where appropriate
• Develop relevant ministries and projects that meet community needs

6. United Mission
Create a spirit of unity in diversity to accomplish the purposes of God’s kingdom.

• Facilitate collaboration among area Conference pastors in ministry outreach
• Discover better ways to communicate effectively with pastors, educators, ministry leaders and church membership
• Develop effective bridges between churches and schools, pastors and educators
• Foster a healthy environment to openly discuss philosophical and/or theological viewpoints that might be divisive
• Promote cultural/ethnic sensitivity and understanding

7. Youth Involvement
Foster an atmosphere that helps young people understand and play a significant role in the Church’s mission.

• Increase youth involvement in local church ministries
and leadership
• Facilitate plans for inclusion of young people not connected to an Adventist school
• Establish mechanisms for youth to express their viewpoints
• Expand the Conference youth ministry program to effectively meet the needs of a diverse group of youth and young adults

8. Financial Development
Provide sufficient resources to support all aspects of the Conference’s priorities.

• Establish and implement an integrated development plan
• Assess current financial resources and discover ways to appropriate them to maximize the Conference’s objectives
• Increase overall membership giving levels
• Enhance processes that make giving as simple as possible

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The Northern California Conference is a network of churches, schools and ministries dedicated to transforming people through the good news of Jesus Christ and preparing them for His soon return.

Our vision is to be among the most productive, effective and spiritually dynamic conferences in the North American Division by:

• Developing skilled, spiritual leaders
• Fostering healthy, growing churches and ministries
• Operating schools of excellence
• Caring for our communities

“Doing What Matters for the Kingdom”

•  Biblically based
•  Inclusive
•  Grace-oriented
•  Relevant
•  Authentic
•  Collaborative
•  Empowering
Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists | 401 Taylor Blvd. | P.O. Box 23165 | Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 | (925) 685-4300 | info@nccsda.com