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Submit an Obituary
Each month, the Pacific Union Recorder publishes obituaries for Adventist members. Most of the time, a church clerk or church secretary will submit the information to the NCC Communication Department, which then sends it to the union for publication. The Communication Department does not decide when obituaries will be published. The Recorder editors print them as they have room.

If you would like to submit an obituary for publication, please fill out the following form and click OK. It will then be sent to the Recorder coordinator, Julie Lorenz, in the NCC Communication Department. All areas marked with * must be filled in. It is a Recorder policy to print only obituaries with complete information. If one piece of information is definitely not available from the family, please type “unknown.” Please verify all information before submitting.

Those listed must have been members in the Pacific Union at the time of death. (Exceptions are made for those who lived here for many years or for those who recently left). Listings more than nine months old do not qualify for publication.

Note On Survivor Section: Clearly print all surviving relatives in this order: spouse, sons, stepsons, daughters, stepdaughters, parents, step-parents siblings, step-siblings. Please do not list other relatives, such as spouses of family members, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, friends, roommates, etc.

This is only for Northern California Conference members. If you are from another conference, please contact that conference directly.

Click here to complete the obituary form.
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